What doesn’t go wrong and why?

How can a plane stay up in the air? What is turbulence? How much pollution does an airplane create and how will airplanes look like in the future?

In this exhibition you can find answers to this and many other questions about aviation. Here you can explore, test and detect atmospheric mysteries on your own.

Have you ever wondered if it really is safe to fly? We tell you about the safety systems in aviation, why they are there and how they work together to make it as safe as possible for us. But a few times it still goes wrong. Through an actual plane crash, we show how Norwegian Accident Investigation Board and others work to learn from each accident, so that we will be able to learn from what happens and prevent the same thing happening again.

Ann-Kristin Maurdal (group leader)
Bodil Nyaas
Bernt Olsen-Hagen
Kari Aasjord White
Ole Roger Pettersen
Inger Anne Sigvang