Norweigan Aviation Museum

Wants to move Norwegian gift in to the exhibit

Published: 2018-08-10

The boeing machine was given to the museum in 2015, and will gradually be readied for transport to the museum. – We are planning to get the airplane integrated in to our exhibition in a years time, says director Hanne Jakhelln.

The airplane LN-KKW, who was Norwegians first airplane, is standing safely in the military airport at the moment. – We want to maximize the use of this object and find a good concept. We are now working on the plans for this, in addition to estimating the aircrafts condition and need to be conserved, adds Jakhelln. 

The aircraft was given to the museum in 2015, but due to lack of financing and challenges with the transportation, the process has taken longer. In the meantime it is  conservator Michael Lofthus´who ensures the welfare of the object. – The plane is well guarded in the military facility and we are inspecting it regularly, says Lofthus.  The aircraft is also heated and moist controlled to make sure it will be in good shape also on the inside. 

  Hanne Jakhelln og Michael Lofthus are looking forward to seeing the aircraft at the museum

Interaction versus conservation

One of the question that need answering before the plane can be moved, is heter or not the aircraft should be open for our guests. There is some positive thoughts on open access to the airplane, or an interactive use in other ways, but this needs to be put up against the need to conserve a historical object. This juxtaposition is a returning conflict in the world of museums. – We have an opportunity to let people experience the aircraft in another less controlled way than when they are out traveling. Participation and interactivity is something we know that people want, but the more you let people use it, the worse the condition of the object will be. That is the dilemma, says Lofthus and puts it on the spot: Keep it forever, or let people use it? Our plan going forward is to fint this balance between conserving, interacting and experiences. 

Director of the museum, Hanne Jakhelln is looking forward to finally ending the process of integrating the Boeing machine in to the exhibit. – This is really exciting and we hope that we will manage to get the financing as soon as possible, so we can go a head.


Conservator Michael Lofthus is among many things, checking the tires of the airplane to see if they can withstand the transport to the museum.