The birth of a nation

In the exhibition “The birth of a nation” we convey how aviation contributed to shaping Norway as a nation. A new generation of talented and brave aviation pioneers emerged.
Through authentic film and photography, we face the harsh polar heroes and other key pioneers who started aviation period in Norway  In a small library you can find several “treasures” and learn more about this pioneer period.
Exclusive items like the big Norwegian flag on the airship Norway are being showcased in the exhibition. In addition, you can try on clothes that polar explorers used at the beginning of the 1900s and “immortalize yourself in polar explorers footsteps.” This exhibition provides an understanding of how important aviation was for Norway .

Olav Gynnild (group leader)
Ole Roger Pettersen
Bodil Nyaas
Karl Kleve
Per Arvid Tellemann
Bernt Olsen-Hagen