Our shared prosperity

Many remember their first holiday in the sun or perhaps you remember the first time you ate an unknown fruit. Or have you thought about how they can eat sushi with fresh Norwegian salmon in China?

Without the modern aviation we would not have been able to do any of these things. Aviation has changed the way we live, what we eat and where we go on holiday. It has also made it possible to photograph throughout our country from above, down to every last detail. Modern helicopters have made it possible for Norway to conduct oil operations far out in the ocean through carrying crews to and from platforms. They are also vital in rescue operations at sea and in inaccessible mountain areas.

Have you ever dreamed of flying like a bird? How does it feel? Is it dangerous or is it the world’s largest adrenalin kick?

We take you into the exciting world of aviation sports. Here you get to meet athletes from different aviation sports and share their experience and immense joy of flying. Whether it’s with a parachute, hang glider, paraglider, private airplane or other extreme sports activities.

For others, the greatest pleasure is to manage or build/work on their own flying machines.

Olav Gynnild (group leader)
Bodil Nyaas
Ole Roger Pettersen
Karl Kleve
Bernt Olsen-Hagen
Ann-Kristin Maurdal
Kari Aasjord White
Inger Anne Sigvang