Isfronten – Cold War

Isfronten – Cold War Experiences is a large project focusing on the Cold War and how it affected the emergence of modern Norway. It is a large cooperation project between Norwegian National Aviation Museum and the Norwegian Air force Museum.

Our aim is to strengthen the focus on this hugely important conflict, through collecting and documenting the history of the Cold War; by preserving the nuclear-safe mountain hangar Area 96 at Bodø Main Air Station, which is the most significant Cold War cultural heritage monument in Norway; and lastly: to build the best exhibition and experience in the world. Inside Area 96!

We have worked at this project for several years, generously supported by the County of Nordland, Sparebank1 Nord-Norge, the Municipality of Bodø and the Regional Council for Northern Norway. But main responsibility for the financing of this titanic task must be the responsibility of the national public authorities. We have thereforeapplied for support to the Ministries of Culture and of Defence. As part of the Norwegian National Budget in 2012, our project got a special note which you may read  here. And for the National Budget of 2013 we got another special note which you may read here. Unfortunately there were no funds coming with these notes. So for the year 2013 we are forced to downscale the project somewhat, due to lack of resources. We will though, work diligently on the financing side. And maybe, just maybe we’ll be able to open the doors to a unique exhibition and experience in a unique cultural heritage monument just in time for the celebrations of the 200th anniversary of Bodø, the aviation- and defence-capital of Norway, in 2016?

Follow our project at the Isfronten-blog: Isfronten – Kald Krig Opplevelser

If you have questions or comments, please contact:

Karl L. Kleve, project manager, tel: +47 75 50 78 56, email:

Kari Aasjord White, project consultant, tel: 70 50 78 61, email: