Dreams of flight

“Dreams of flight” is the start of our new civil exhibition. We are taken into the dream through the diary of the little boy, Knut Lund. This unique film tells the story of how the dream of flying like a bird, has affected people, both before and after the plane’s origin.

In the exhibition, pilots Eskil Amdahl and Martha Johansen and “Grunau Brothers” are highlighted. All of them with a special passion for flying and who followed their childhood dreams to get up in the air.

Among the aircrafts and individuals displayed, a mysterious cabinet that contains the most incredible and fascinating artefacts emerges. Here the dream , mythology and fantasy go together as one with technology and reality. The dream of flying has always fascinated people, in all parts of the world, at all times!

Kari Aasjord White (group leader)
Bodil Nyaas
Ann-Kristin Maurdal
Inger Anne Sigvang
Karl Kleve
Ole Roger Pettersen
Olav Gynnild
Anders Utgård
Freeman Ryan Design