Norweigan Aviation Museum

Come meet NASA´s James Webb Space telescope

Published: 2017-09-29

Exciting things are happening at The Norwegian Aviation Museum this fall. NASA is visiting, telling the story of the James Webb Telescope that are to be launched into space in 2018. The presentation, which will also contain a movie called “In to the unknown” produced by Northrop Grumman, will tell the story of how the Telescope came to be and how it was built. The Telescope is one hundred times as powerful as our current Telescope Hubble, and this will give us opportunities we have never had before. The deputy Telescope Manager and an Astrophysicist who have worked on James Webb will be here to tell us about their ambitions in space and their thoughts about the universe, and they will be taking questions. 

The visit is part of a cooperation with Northrop Grumman Foundation, to inspire young people to take interest in STEM educations and to take an interest and pursue careers in space science and engineering. The Lecture will be available for school classes and information about how to sign up, will be released shortly. This showcase is a cooperation between The Norwegian Aviation Museum and First Scandinavia.