Norweigan Aviation Museum

Cold War museum in Bodø

Published: 2017-09-13

Creating a Cold War museum as part of the Norwegian Aviation museum, is now closer to reality. Saturday 800.000 kroner were given from the state to launch the work on this new exhibit. 

There has been great forces behind this effort, and many people have been quite happy to see that this story will be told. The Cold War had an impact militarily, but also impacted hugely on civil life, something this museum wishes to display. The wanted locale for this exhibit, is the unique nuclear proof mountain bunker Area 96. If this is to be a reality, a connection between the two museums will be made to ensure the audience can easily get from one to the other.   

The project will now focus on how to to fill the role as a central guide for Cold War in Norway and how to document and manage our history in a good way.  – This is the first time we have received funds from the state for this project and it is a great leap forward for the project, says the director for the Norwegian Aviation Museum Hanne Jakhelln who also has a wish to see the museum open within 2024.