The Exhibitions at Norsk Luftfartsmuseum – National Norwegian Aviation Museum – tells the story of Norwegian aviation history.

The exhibits display Norwegian aviation history from its early beginning until today – technology, society, people.

The exhibition premises, which cover 10,000 m2, house civilian aircrafts, military aircrafts, and helicopters. You can experience the exciting history of aviation at close quarters. See famous and illustrious military aircraft such as the Spitfire, CF-104 Starfighter, Ju 88 and the U-2 spy plane, or workhorses and passenger aircraft like the Ju 52, Twin Otter and F.28.

The story of Norwegian aviation is divided into military and civilian sections.

Civil Aviation
The Museum’s exhibition on civil aviation depicts the history that progresses from the pioneer spirit and hair-raising bravado to aviation as a vital means of transport today. Aviation in Norway started with demonstrations in the early 1900s. Record setting was a major sport. Transportation of mail by air was attempted in 1920, while the first regular passenger routes commenced in 1935. It was not until the 1950s that aviation became significant for Norwegian transport.

At the exhibition you can test aerodynamic principles, and subjects like engines, meteorology, the Norwegian Aero Club, airlines and the rescue service are presented in depth in separate departments.

See what happens behind the scenes before aircraft take off, and which support systems they have, so that you as the passenger, may be transported safely to your destination.

Visit the control tower at the top of the Museum with its spectacular views over the city and airport.

Military Aviation
From being an aid in monitoring the enemy’s movements, Norwegian military aviation has developed into a significant independent branch of defense. The exhibition includes the establishment of the Army and Navy’s Air Force, the war 1940-45 and the construction of Norway’s modern air defense following World War 2.

Movie from the military exhibition:

Movie from the civilian exhibition:

Movie about U-2:

Movie about Starfighter:

Movie about Little Norway:

Movie from the civilian exhibition:

Se filmen “Syden”. En småskakk film som betrakter det norske folks forhold til fenomenet
Syden. Laget av Klipp og Lim og Are Kalvø. Filmen kan sees inne i flyet Fokker F.28 1000 Fellowship “Olav Kyrre” som en del av vår utstilling om Syden.