A people connected & united

The “A people connected & united” exhibition shows how the nation Norway is connected . Norway is a long country, it takes days to drive between north and south, the geographical challenges are enormous. The establishment of aviation and new ways to travel tied the country together in a whole new way! Through courageous and strong personalities , we follow the revolutionary development from the first seaplanes until today’s high tech liner. The historic planes are central to this stor , it started with seaplanes, after a while we saw the land airports and STOL network with Twin Otter spearheaded. We follow the development through fun and personal stories from time witnesses who experienced this exciting time. Today 99% of the population in Norway can travel to Oslo and back to his hometown during a day, this is unique in the world.

Olav Gynnild (group leader)
Karl Kleve
Bodil Nyaas
Ole Roger Pettersen
Bernt Olsen-Hagen
Truls Bringslimark
Ulf Larsstuvold
Hanne Jakhelln