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Tegning: Bengt Stangvik.


Project Norduyn Norseman MK.VI, S.No: 44-70546, LN-PAB

The wreck of Norway’s first civil registered Norduyn Norseman Mk. VI LN-PAB was recovered from Gavnevann in Øvre Anarjokka National Park by a team from the Norwegian Aviation Museum in 2002.

The aircraft had lain by the lake since it crashed there on 3 September 1952.

The Norseman aircraft was registered by the Narvik-based airline Polarfly on 17 July 1947 and flew for this company up until 17 December 1948. One of the shareholders of Polarfly A/S was the aviation pioneer Gidsken Jakobsen from Narvik. Polarfly A/S was then bought by the airline Widerøe’s Flyveselskap. As a result of this LN-PAB was also one of the first Norseman aircraft in Widerøe’s Flyveselskap. On 8 July 1949 the plane was formally registered by the new company.

It was slightly damaged during a landing at Koksabukta by Fornebu on 17 August 1950. After the necessary repairs the aircraft was taken into use again and operated mainly in the North of Norway.
While landing at Gavnevann in 1952 the aircraft struck a spit of land and capsized. It was allegedly on a mission for the Norwegian intelligence service.

The actual restoration project got under way seriously in the autumn of 2005. Several thousand hours’ work have been invested, many of them on a voluntary basis. Ivan Kristensen, Halvor Nilsen and Bodø Luftfartshistoriske Forening (BLHF) have led the restoration, along with the museum. Many hours of work are still required.
You can see the Norseman’s engine on display in the museum.

Two aircraft of the same type are on display in Norway, one in the Aircraft Collection at Gardermoen and one in the Aircraft Museum at Sola.


The Norseman outside the restoration workshop in 2007. Foto: Ernst Furuhatt.

Data about the aircraft:
Type: Norduyn Norseman Mk.VI.
Serial number: 44-70546 C/N: 811
Built: 28 February 1945.
Transferred to Europe: 29 March 1945
Delivered to Polarfly A/S: LN-PAB – 17 July 1947. (C of A: No.191.) (C of R: No.168)
Registered Widerøe’s Flyveselskap & Polarfly A/S: 8 July 1949.
Crashed at Gavnevann on 3 September 1952
Struck off the register: 5 November 1953.